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Categories: Roadside Grill, Family Restaurant, Breakfast, Barbeque

Contact Information

407 S. Griffin St.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Phone: 252-331-7791


Hours of Operation

Sunday 11:00a.m. - 2:00p.m., Tuesday - Friday 11:00a.m. - 8:00p.m., Saturday 7:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.

Closed on Mondays during the Winter

Meals served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

First time diner: Free drink with meal

“Come Hungry – Leave Satisfied” Bob-B-Q Restaurant serves authentic whole hog Northeastern, NC barbecue and a variety of other excellent foods. Bob-B-Q serves delicious lunches and dinners every day, a huge buffet on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons, and breakfast on Saturday mornings. Bob-B-Q /Catering Concepts has won numerous best choice awards including Best Bar-B-Q for many years, Best Hamburger, Best Waitress and Best Caterer.
Bob-B-Q /Catering Concepts has had the honor of catering for President Bill Clinton when he was visiting Northeastern North Carolina. Seafood, steaks, chicken, barbecue – “whatever people want to eat, Bob-B-Q will cook”. Bob-B-Q/Catering Concepts has provided catering for events ranging from large upscale weddings to small, intimate gatherings.


  • Health Department Grade:  A
  • Credit Cards:  MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • Reservations:  Will provide rooms for private parties
  • Banquet Facilities:  Yes
  • Handicap Accessible:  Yes
  • Price:  1.09 - 10.29
  • Sanitation Assured:  Yes
  • On Site Parking:  Yes
  • Serve Safe Certification:  Yes
  • Green Initiative:  Yes
  • Table Side Service:  Yes
  • Take Out:  Yes
  • Good for Groups:  Yes
  • Gift Certificates:  Yes
  • Dietary Needs Addressed:  Yes


Bob-B-Q catering services started in 1998. Business was so good that Bob Carson, the owner, chose to open Bob-B-Q Restaurant in 1999. Serving overflow crowds, he more than doubled the size of the restaurant in 2007. Today, Bob-B-Q /Catering Concepts serves many satisfied customers at the restaurant and provides catering services throughout Northeastern, NC and Southeastern, VA. 

Chef Biography

Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts

Gerald Stanley and Thomas Jones are two of the chefs at Bob-B-Q.  They both have over thirty years experience as professional cooks.  Both worked at Whistling Pines Restaurant, Holiday Inn and the local country club.   Gerald also cooked for a prestigious catering company in Washington, D.C. . Gerald and Thomas use their experience and creativity to cook good tasting meals you will love. 

Owner Biography

Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts

Bob Carson is the primary chef cooking authentic whole hog Northeastern, NC barbecue.  The family lore is that Bob was at the stove when he was four years old with a frying pan and an un-cracked egg. It’s safe to say that Bob was born to cook. Bob has shared his cooking skills by catering special events for years.  His love of cooking is apparent in every meal he serves.  Bob has many opportunities to provide excellent food to people with both his restaurant and catering services.

Specialties & Additional Menu Options

  • Course Specialties: 

    Home made Texas style BBQ Beef Brisket, a 9 hour process, cooked low and slow! Hand made chicken salad, sandwiches, shrimp & fish, BBQ of all kinds, Pig picking cake, and the 1/3 pound turkey burger. Try the new buffet!


Average Rating for this Restaurant: 4.5 Stars based on 12 reviews
  1. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Home cook meals,away from home!

    This is one of our most frequent restaurant's in Elizabeth City, N.C. Friendly and in my opinion, there to make you feel at home. Yes! It can get busy, but just relax and before you know it, you will be satisfied.

  2. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Home cook meals,away from home!

    This is a wonderful restaurant, As I wrote, Home cook meals, away from home. Meals at a reasonable price. Great services!

  3. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 2 Stars
    35-40 mins

    We waited for about 40 mins for our breakfast it took quite a while

  4. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 1 Star
    Terrible lunch buffet!

    Buffet $7.99....could only eat the okra and crackers! Fried chicken was cold and greasy, only thighs, BBQ was skimpy, waterey and tasteless. Veggies were run of the meal, mashed potatoes were instant, but worst of all was the cold, stale, hard as a rock dinner rolls. I will say the tea was good. I expected more from an established eatery, but I was really disappointed on this place. $10.00 totally wasted!

  5. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Slow Cooked Brisket

    The slow cooked brisket is delicious. It melts in your mouth. Bob's pork barbecue is delicious also. It is a great place to eat.

  6. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Great Buffet

    Bob B Q has a great buffet Sundays after church and Wednesday evenings. Lot's of good food at a good price. I like their specials also. They serve good barbecue and lots more.

  7. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars

    I love Bob's homemade pimento cheese. Try it grilled, all gooey and melty with a fresh side of the day. It is delicious.

  8. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars


  9. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Down Home Cookin'

    This is the first place that I have found where I like the chicken salad! I only prefer home made and guess what - theirs is! Great lunch buffet too. Good food, great customer service and nice atmosphere!

  10. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Delicious BBQ

    The pulled pork BBQ at Bob-B-Q is delicious. I have had it several times and it always pleases me whether it is on a sandwich or on a plate with sides.

  11. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Homemade Chicken Salad

    The chicken salad was homemade. It was a big portion and I loved it.

  12. Bob-B-Q / Catering Concepts
    Rating: 5 Stars
    BBQ Chicken is Delicious Also

    I had the 1/2 BBQ Chicken. It was a lot of food that tasted good.

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